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Automatic doors have become a popular choice of door for both commercial and industrial spaces, providing smooth entrance solutions that are both stylish and convenient. However, like any type of door system, there are a lot of automatic door models to choose from.

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Whether you want revolving doors for public buildings or a secure sliding door to lock down offices, finding the right door option is vital for ensuring both safety and efficiency.

At Shop Fronts, we specialise in offering a huge range of automatic door systems, aiming to provide the best solution for each client’s exact needs and requirements.

Types of Automatic Doors We Offer

Automatic doors come in many different types, and we at Shop Fronts aim to provide a full range of entrance solutions for companies and small businesses alike.

Automatic Sliding Doors

Our automatic sliding doors are able to offer security and style, using a simple installation that saves space and leaves a strong impression.

These doors are suitable for a range of flexible uses, serving as efficient gates that can be installed quickly.

Automatic Swing Doors

Our range of automatic swing doors is designed to swing open, offering reduced energy consumption and specialised detectors that allow easy access.

These swing doors provide the convenience of being able to pass through while maintaining a walking pace.

Automatic Shop Doors

Automatic shop doors are a great way to provide full accessibility in a storefront, giving shop owners a reliable solution to both security and visibility issues.

While simple, these doors can be an easy-access entrance solution for buildings of any size and style.

Types of Automatic Doors We Offer

Automatic Revolving Doors

Our automatic revolving doors are a much larger entrance option, providing more space than other automatic door systems and allowing your building to manage a larger flow of visitors.

This improved access makes revolving doors perfect for any busy premises.

Benefits of Automatic Doors

Our automatic door systems are designed to provide several core benefits over other door solutions; each meant to help them operate effectively in a variety of environments.

Improved Safety

Our automatic rotating and sliding door models are designed to be secure, offering a reliable and safe installation that does not put the users at any additional risk.

Strong Support

Each of our automatic door models is built with solid support systems, ensuring that the frames can support the entire sliding door regardless of what building they are installed into.

Greater Security

We design each automatic door to offer proper security solutions, ensuring that your building entrance is not easily compromised.

Each automatic sliding door can also be used alongside a variety of building-focused security systems for even better protection.

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Integrated Improvements

Many of our automatic doors are built to operate safely and smoothly, using integrated accessories or special features that allow them to operate in a way that is convenient, safe and reliable.

Low Energy Consumption

We design each of our swing and sliding doors to use as little energy as possible, minimising their impact on the environment while still creating effective building door solutions.

Low Maintenance

Each of our door systems is low-maintenance and requires very little servicing, making maintaining these units easy.

They are also designed to ensure the best possible safety standards, even after poor maintenance or damage that may have caused failures in the unit.

Easy Installation

Our team has the education, skills and specialist servicing experience to deliver door systems to a client’s building quickly and easily.

We ensure maximum safety and convenience for each installation project, no matter the environments we need to deal with.

How Much Are Automatic Doors?

Automatic doors cost, on average, anywhere from £1,000 to £10,000.

The costs can vary depending on size, specification and many other factors.

The quantity of doors will also have an effect on the cost.

What Influences The Price of Automatic Doors?

Automatic door systems can vary in price based on quite a few factors, such as:

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Where Do We Install Our Automatic Doors?

We can provide effective sliding, swing and shop front door systems to a huge range of buildings and locations, from simple offices to major shopping complexes.

Where Do We Install Our Automatic Doors?

We have experience with door solutions in a wide variety of locations, including:

and more.

Automated Door Specialists

At Shop Fronts, we have years of past experience working with door systems across a wide variety of niches and industries.

Our past work has made us experts in our field and has given our specialists an even greater understanding of how to deliver the best door systems for each client.

Our team understands how to safely install anything from a highly efficient swing door to an emergency sliding door exit, working with clients to deliver their exact needs in every situation.

Automatic Doors vs Manual Doors

Both manual and automatic doors are effective choices for many spaces. However, when large volumes of traffic are expected, automated doors often have the edge.

When used in commercial and industrial spaces, these doors can look fantastic and provide free movement between two spaces without disrupting the walking pace.

Automatic Doors vs Manual Doors

Beyond this, they are also suitable for niche uses. For example, while many emergency exits are still manual doors, automated systems are also commonly used due to their simplicity and the way that they guarantee a direct path to safety.

Automatic Door Systems Repair

We can arrange for emergency door repair if your system ever breaks.

Our team is well-versed in keeping these systems running and understands how to repair even the most severe damage.

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Our door systems are very straightforward, but there are a lot of details that many new clients do not know about automated doors, including:

Do Automatic Doors Need Servicing?

Automated door systems need servicing. just like any other automated system would.

Our team can take care of this process as needed.

Are Automatic Doors Safe?

Our automated doors are designed for safety.

They will not close on somebody or slam shut unexpectedly.

automatic door FAQ'S

How Long Do Automatic Doors Last?

A well-fitted automated door can last for up to 20 years if maintained properly.

Can You Manually Open Automatic Doors?

Most automated doors can be opened manually during a power failure or other serious situations and can function as a regular door if power is lost.


We offer a vast range of automated door models for clients across the UK, balancing good pricing with excellent quality.

If you want to know more about what we can do for you and your property, get in touch with our team for a detailed price quote and more details on our various door systems.

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