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Aluminium shop fronts are an ideal choice for commercial establishments due to their durability and sleek appearance, while their shop front doors offer a welcoming and secure entry point for customers.

If your shop front is unattractive or looks run down, it will turn more customers away, no matter your proven track record as a business. At Shop Fronts, we know how important that initial impression is.

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Aluminium Shop Front Cost

The current average price of aluminium shop fronts in the UK is between £1,000 and £10,000.

However, this amount will be affected by other factors, too, including:

Aluminium Shop Front Cost

You can explore our full range of new shopfront options here, where you will find all of the information regarding the aluminium shop fronts we can install such as commercial doors

If you do not see an option that fits the aluminium shop front you are looking to have installed, please do not let that put you off. We can discuss bespoke needs with you if you contact our friendly customer support team using the contact details on our website.

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We can give you a free quotation for any aluminium shop fronts, commercial entrances, and laminated safety glass you want. We can also discuss deposit and payment options for any of our aluminium shopfronts before you decide.

Although our costs for shop fronts vary, we are competitively priced against other aluminium shop front installers in the UK.

Benefits of Aluminium Shop Fronts

There are many benefits to upgrading your shop front to a quality aluminium shop front. These benefits include:

Having a quality shop front will enhance your shop, invite more consumers to shop with you, and help your shop to be recognised from the street.

Many people entering a shop will do so because they are interested in that shop as they walk past.

Having a high-quality shop front with a good window display and a glass front that shows off your products will encourage more foot traffic into the shop and, likely, more sales.

Versatile Material

Aluminium is versatile and can be customised to suit your company’s needs; it remains as durable in whichever design you install it.

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Businesses are moving away from PVC materials due to the ability to mould this metal into the shape and size they need for shopfronts and offices.

Cost Effective

Although aluminium shopfronts may be a high initial price for your company, it is a cost-effective way to improve the building in the long term.

The right shopfronts will pay for themselves in increased foot traffic and custom.

Eco Friendly

Aluminium is fully recycled so going with this option for your shop front is a great environmental choice.

Even after being recycled, the material maintains its integrity as a metal to be used again and will be just as strong after recycling.

Custom Design

We offer custom designs that will help your branding on any commercial property.

From glass features to commercial doors with your branding and colours on the glass, and more.

Click here to find out more about custom designed shopfronts.

Weather Resistant

Aluminium is extremely weather resistant, it is built to withstand extreme weather conditions.

This means it will last longer when used for shopfronts as it does not degrade in rain or rust.


Aluminium is durable and versatile, so you do not need to worry about replacing your entire storefront regularly.

You can expect an aluminium shopfront to last 20+ years.

Benefits of Aluminium Shop Fronts


Due to the strength of Aluminium as a material, there is added security for your shop as it is extremely difficult to force this material.

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Making sure your shopfront is secure is vital to ensure all of your products are safe.

Find out more about shopfront security here.

Easy to Maintain

You can easily maintain aluminium shopfronts, they are easy to clean, and you can change the colours with paint.

We would also recommend inspecting your shopfront regularly in case of any damages. We can offer professional repair services if required.


Aluminium offers insulation for your shop.

This keeps the weather and wind outside and your staff and customers warm inside.

Aluminium Shopfront and Commercial Doors

We can install a wide range of shop front doors, including double doors, automatic doors and glass doors for smaller shops.

Aluminium shop fronts are commonly equipped with laminated safety glass to ensure enhanced security and protection against potential hazards.

Additionally, we can install commercial doors in shopping centres and supermarkets. There is nothing too big or small for our teams to handle.

Supply and Fit of Aluminium Shopfronts

We supply complete shopfronts to your building and handle the installation process from start to finish.

Although we do not manufacture the shopfront, our teams are fully trained in the manufacturing process to enable them to better install your shopfront.

Our installations teams specialise in every shop front in our range and are industry leaders in their field.

We take pride in the services we offer to shops, and we guarantee you value for money and a professional installation.

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Your shopfront will be delivered to your door, and the installation process will begin. Our team offer a complete service and will ensure that all security systems are in place throughout the installation to protect your shop.


Below we cover some of the most common questions we have been asked working in this industry.

Why Should You Choose Aluminium Doors and Windows?

An aluminium door is lightweight, weather-resistant, and eco-friendly making it a perfect choice for doors and windows.

Adding glass to the design for windows does not compromise the metal.

Are Aluminium Doors Cheaper than uPVC?

An aluminium door is more expensive than a uPVC door typically.

However, the prices reflect the difference in the quality of the material.

aluminium shop fronts FAQ'S

Do Aluminium Doors Scratch Easily?

Aluminium doors are designed to be scratch-resistant, so they will not scratch easily.

They are also easy to clean in the event any marks get on the surface.

What is the Lifespan of an Aluminium Door?

The average aluminium door will last fifty or more years if installed and maintained correctly.

Do Aluminium Doors Rust?

Aluminium is a rust-resistant metal.

This means that doors won’t rust and they will last a long time in the majority of weather conditions.

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Aluminium shop fronts are an increasingly popular way to make your shop stand out. We offer many options for all your shop front and door needs, including glasswork, door design, hardware options and pad handles.

Our services will help you increase your sales by increasing the number of customers who walk through your door.

If you wish to improve your sales system choosing one of our shop fronts is an excellent place to start. We have something to suit your needs, so contact us for more information and prices.

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