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Bi-folding doors can be a great addition to any home, offering natural light and low maintenance alongside a very streamlined and secure design.

As experts in bifold door installation, we at Shop Fronts can offer the ideal bi-fold doors for any client. Our team specialise in getting external bi-fold doors installed to the best possible standard of quality.

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Types of Bi-folding Doors

Bi-fold doors can come in many different types.

At Shop Fronts, we aim to provide a full range of excellent bi-folding doors to suit and property.

Wooden Bi-folding Doors

Wooden and timber bifold door systems provide a great-looking area that only needs maintenance once or twice a year.

Our timber bi-fold doors are also relatively cheap and look great as patio doors alongside wooden decks. This can make them a great option for external bi-fold doors that match a rustic aesthetic.

Aluminium Bi-folding Doors

Our aluminium bifold doors are available in a range of colours and styles, all offering high durability. While they cost more than other styles, they can also be incredibly strong compared to other bespoke external bifold doors.

An aluminium bifold door can also work well for insulation when combined with double-glazing or triple-glazed toughened safety glass, letting aluminium bifolds endure major temperature changes without expanding or warping.

If you currently have an aluminium shop front and you are looking for a new entrance, this may be the best option for you.

Types of Bi-folding Doors

uPVC Bi-folding Doors

Our uPVC bifold door set options are very light and easy to install, as well as being cheaper than installing aluminium bifold doors. This makes them ideal for quickly adding a new door to an existing opening.

Our pre-made stock of uPVC exterior bifold doors can be quickly delivered and installed as needed, serving as short-notice patio doors or ways to ensure that your living space gets natural light in a way that is still secure.

What Are The Advantages of Bi-folding Doors?

Bi-fold doors boast a range of advantages over typical sliding doors. As folding sliding doors, they can often surpass regular sliding patio doors due to their added flexibility and attractiveness.


While regular sliding doors can look nice, a good set of aluminium bi-folding doors can look a lot better simply due to the “folding-sliding doors” nature of the design.

A bifold door folds inwards as it slides open, essentially giving you a sliding door with a contemporary twist.


Modern external bifold doors can be incredibly strong, especially aluminium bi-folding doors, which makes them a great option as both a security measure and a more reliable door in general.

This added strength can also make them better than regular sliding doors for general-purpose use since they tend to require less maintenance than standard sliding options if handled correctly.

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Most bi-folding doors, especially aluminium bi-fold doors, are very low-maintenance. Not only are they easier to clean, but they use simple designs that do not require much complex work to keep functional.

This makes them more cost-efficient in the long term compared to more complex doors that offer fewer benefits while also being very easy to use.

Energy Efficiency

These bi-fold doors are usually very energy efficient, helping you save quite a lot on your heating bills due to their design. Good external bifold doors are available with double glazing and triple glazing, as well as various other insulating additions or upgrades.

The amount of natural light that a bi-fold door can let in also means natural heating, which can help during colder months when you have the bi-fold door closed. This allows for even more energy efficiency without requiring you to do anything specific.


While not exactly as simple as a standard door, a bi-fold door design allows for very simple operation. This makes an external bifold door a very convenient balance between a window and a door, with the folding sliding doors being easy to open and close quickly.

This has also made them a common choice of patio door, with most bifold patio doors allowing good views of the garden and easy but secure access to the outside.


External bi-fold doors are very compact, especially since they slide instead of swinging. Folding patio doors shine in cramped spaces since they do not use up much interior space or swing out onto the patio.

This makes it a great idea to choose external bifold doors if you only have so much living space to work with since the bi-fold doors use a lot less room while still providing natural light.


The multi-point locking system of most bi-fold doors makes them incredibly secure. These folding patio doors have multi-point locking systems spread across multiple parts of the track, meaning that it is a lot harder to force them open.

Not only that, but these folding doors can be properly locked, meaning that an external bifold door is not a major security risk. A good bi-fold door can be incredibly secure, with reinforced glass making it even harder to simply break your way through.

Bi-folding Doors Cost

The cost of an average bi-fold door can range anywhere from around £1,200 to over £2,400.

We work with each client to give them external bifold doors at a price that they are comfortable with.

Bi-folding Doors Cost

When looking at bi-fold doors, it is important to consider the elements that can impact the price, such as:

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Bi-folding Door Services We Offer

Our bi-fold doors are not just basic door installations. We work hard with clients to give them the right services at the right time, working with their needs and requirements to ensure that they get the best bifold doors possible.

Whether it is simple bifold patio doors or a larger-scale set of aluminium bi fold doors with a fully bespoke design, we try to offer the best bifold doors services in the country.

Bi-folding Door Installation

We can tackle the installation of bi-fold doors, regardless of the door opening size or the scale of the project. Our team understand how to handle bi-fold doors in a way that guarantees great installation and minimum risk to your property, even when working at difficult installation angles.

We ensure that each of our bi-fold doors offers a seamless transition between open and closed, a safe and reliable multi-point locking system, and overall quality to the highest possible standard. Each of the bifold doors we install is handled with the utmost care and attention.

Bi-folding Door Maintenance

Our team knows how to maintain existing bifold doors, as well as repair any faults in external bifold doors. Even high-performance bespoke bifold doors can wear down over time, and we work hard to keep those doors working as well as the day that they were installed.

Between maintaining the flawless operation of your exterior bifold doors and making sure that the design features (such as contemporary colours or frosted glass) do not wear down over time, our team can keep your doors in ideal condition.

Bi-folding Door Replacement

If you want to replace your external bifold doors entirely (or want to replace existing French doors with new aluminium bi-fold doors), we can make the process easy. In just five working days, we can get to the meat of the project, helping to transform your home in record time.

We understand how difficult these concertina doors can be to install, and we have experience working with all kinds of composite bifold doors in the past. Our experts know how to replace these doors without causing any damage to your home or delaying the installation.

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Where We Install Our Bifold Doors

We can install our bifold doors in a number of locations beyond just your home, including:

Shop Front Bifold Doors

Our specialised shop front bifold doors can be improved to offer slim sightlines and greater security, all while enabling natural light and making it easy for customers to enter.

The slim sight lines prevent opportunistic thieves from easily spotting products through the window but still allow customers to see your displays and get a good view of the shop from an exterior space.

We can offer a multi-year guarantee against damage, ensuring that your property will not be easily vulnerable to break-ins after hours.

Where We Install Our Bifold Doors

Commercial Bifold Doors

Our commercial bifold doors can work well in a range of commercial spaces, from offices to industrial sites. The range of ways that these doors can be used makes them perfect for almost any space, easily separating an indoor and outdoor space in a flexible way.

We can offer a multi-year guarantee against commercial bifold door damage, meaning that you are covered if something goes wrong and the doors will not open properly during busy traffic hours.

Bi-folding Doors vs Sliding Doors

Sliding doors (as well as more standard doors such as French doors) can be great for many living space areas, but they also have some major drawbacks. Not only is their thermal efficiency often poor, but they can usually be hard to secure against people attempting to enter from an outdoor space.

They also tend to lack features like integral blinds and are not always ideal as a high-traffic door due to their smaller size (generally about as big as regular single or double doors).

Our bi-folding sliding doors are much more effective at giving you a flexible way to separate your living space from the outside world. Both top-hung and bottom-rolling options use features like shoot bolts to create a seamless, secure and thermally efficient doorway.

There is also the fact that bi-folds can transform your home in a very unique way. Installing larger models can allow you to turn a significant amount of wall space into a modular doorway – one that can be opened and closed as you please but still made highly secure once you lock it.

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Bifold Door Colours

We can offer our bifold doors in a range of colours beyond the usual anthracite grey options that many leading door manufacturers provide. We try to keep as many options available as possible, letting customers choose based on their own personal style and preferences.

and more.


While we do our best to simplify the bifolding doors selection and installation process, they are a fundamentally new type of doors that many people are not used to.

These are some of the most notable frequently asked questions our experts get about our bifolds.

Do Bifold Doors Add Value To Your House?

These doors can add significant value to your home when installed well, even in a basic anthracite grey colour and with no additional upgrades. As long as the doors are functional and properly secured (especially the lead door), they can be a huge boon to your home value.

Do I Need Planning Permission For Bi-folding Doors?

Bi-folding doorways do not need planning permission unless you are already doing anything that would require it, such as building an extension to your home.

Bifolds generally fall within normal building regulations, so there is usually no need to get planning permission.

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How Burglar Proof are Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Our bifold doors all feature a multi-lock system that makes them harder to break than French doors and other common types. With reinforced glass, even smashing into them is not as easy as it used to be.

We offer a comprehensive guarantee that both our top-hung and bottom-tracked options are made to be as secure as possible, even without any post-installation security improvements such as alarms or extra locks.

Are bi-fold doors drafty?

With the right installation methods, bifolds can be entirely draft-proof unless opened. This makes them just as good as a regular wall or window for keeping the drafts out, especially with glazed windows for extra insulation.

We offer a multi-year guarantee on all doors installed, and that multi-year guarantee covers damage that could normally result in drafts.


All of our bifold doors are made in a world-class manufacturing facility, designed to the highest possible standards of thermal efficiency and overall durability. From bright-coloured double-glazed models to simple anthracite grey, we aim for quality above all else.

If you want to know more about what we can offer or just want to see our various express delivery and installation options, contact our team today. We are already ready to take on new clients and help them find the perfect bifold doors for their property.

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