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Windowed shop fronts are a popular choice for most modern businesses, but there can also be a lot of risks involved in getting cheaply-made shop front designs.

Our toughened glass shop fronts are able to solve this problem – and look great doing it.

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Commercial glass doors and shop fronts are a perfect way to show off your business to potential customers. From car showrooms to print bespoke hardware stores, a good shop front provides form and function.

Our range of toughened glass shop fronts is designed for high security and style, offering the same glass doors and walls without putting your business at risk. Contact us today for a free quotation.

Glass Shop Front Cost

The average cost of a windowed shop front falls between £1000 – £5500.

However, a lot of factors can influence this.

Glass Shop Front Cost

A typical glass shop front installation could have its price vary based on things like:

Our experts are well-equipped to provide shop fronts of many different types and can help your business find the most affordable shop front for your needs.

If you need a price quote on a specific store shop front, contact our team to learn more about the projected costs.

Benefits of Glass Shop Fronts

There are many reasons to get glass panels at the front of your shop, especially if your shop is located in a very busy space full of foot traffic.

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Some of the core benefits include:

Easy to Maintain

Most shop fronts are very easy to clean and require almost no maintenance.

This makes them very cost-effective and practical for stores of any size.

Improved Aesthetic

The modern look of a glass shop front can be far more eye-catching, drawing in more customers to your business as a whole.

A lot of clients agree that glass shopfronts look the most classy compared with timber and aluminium frontage.

Natural Light

Glass doors and walls provide natural lighting for customers.

This helps your shop feel less artificial whilst also saving you money on lighting costs.

Advertising Opportunities

Glass shop front designs allow you to put print campaigns and displays up on the indoor side or even on the door itself.

This gives customers passing your business a direct line of sight to showrooms, displays, shop deals, or other promotional offers.

Offer Security and Safety

Glass shop fronts can be reinforced, toughened, or even outfitted with smash alarms to improve security.

Thieves can also be seen from outside the store, and staff inside can spot suspicious people lurking around outside.

Thermally Efficient

Our glazed shopfronts are thermally efficient. We offer thermal break window systems, which are perfect for shops and homes alike!

These windows create a thermal barrier which stops heat transfer through the frame.

Toughened Glass Frameless Shopfronts

Whilst a standard glass shop front can be good, toughened glass shop fronts are much more durable and secure.

Alongside these are frameless glass shopfronts, which rely on pure glass rather than having a bulky frame as part of the design.

When combined together, you can get a toughened glass shop front that is also a frameless glass shop front, giving you the best of both worlds.

Toughened Glass Frameless Shop fronts

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Not only are these appealing to passers-by, but they’re incredibly well designed.

These frameless, toughened glass shop fronts can withstand high temperatures, endure constant scratches, and are much more secure against vandalism than normal glass.

Our experts know how to supply the right frameless glass shop fronts and toughened fronts to each client, offering specialised toughened frameless shop front designs that suit your business.


What Glass is Best for Shop Windows?

Toughened glass (such as tempered glass) is the best for shop windows.

This leads to toughened glass shopfronts, which are much more secure and durable overall.

Why is Glass Used in Commercial Buildings?

Many businesses use glass for commercial buildings for their marketing value.

Windows can allow customers to see inside your store as they pass by, increasing the chance that they might decide to take a look around inside.

Glass is also aesthetically pleasing and lets in a lot of light.

How Thick is Glass Storefront?

In general, commercial glass doors and windows are a quarter of an inch thick.

Although the glass can be thicker depending on the design.

These panes also often have extra space between them to be more thermally efficient, making the window thicker overall.

How Long Does Storefront Glass Last?

A typical commercial window will last 15-20 years, with some lasting up to 40.

A toughened glass shop front is more likely to endure damage for longer.

Does Storefront Glass Need to be Tempered for Toughened Glass Shop Fronts?

A commercial window does not need to be tempered.

However, tempered glass is often the best way to ensure proper durability.

glass shop fronts FAQ'S

What is the Max Height for Storefront Glass?

The max height for storefronts is around 10 feet.

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Windows higher than that are often part of a second layer or a fully custom design.

To find out more how you can design a shopfront, please click here.

Is 6mm Glass Better than 4mm?

In general, 6mm glass is better than 4mm in most situations.

Thicker glass is always an upgrade, but it depends on the situation.

Which is Better, Single Glazing or Double Glazing Shopfronts?

Double-glazed windows are more thermally efficient, making them better at managing heat than single-glazed windows.

This leads to greater savings on heating and is also an obvious choice if you are getting a toughened glass shop front anyway.

This is especially important for frameless glass doors and windows, which don’t have a frame to help manage heat.

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Our range of toughened, frameless glass shop front and door options allows us to supply proper shopfronts to any customer that needs them.

Our installation services make each door and window incredibly easy to set up.

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